Who had a Dick Smith 'Funway Into Electronics' kit? Like many kids in the early 80's, this was my launchpad in to an obsession with electronics.


Here is a book I wrote about Robots when I was in the 4th grade. It's a literary masterpiece with an insightful twist, generations ahead of its time.


Despite the early interest, I ended up following other paths to return to electronics as a hobby.


This site started off as a personal reference, but now I've opened it up for other novices to maybe get some use out of it too.


Laika - Russian Space DogI named the site 'LaikaBOT' in honour of the Soviet space dog. Just for the record, I don't condone sending stray animals in to space to their demise. The name more so aligns to the methodolgy in which the scientists were sending Laika in to space........ to see what would happen.


Most of what I have built has been about connecting wires and code, ....and seeing what happens.