360 Video LiveStream

This was a live stream test with a 360 degree camera. I was thinking about possible application for live streamed virtual tourism that could be rented by the hour with controller interaction and direction. I wanted to make the experience immersive with a VR headset, but the imminent motion sickness is too prohibitive.


I need to put more thinking in to experience design.


Until then, you can enjoy 360 video below. I live streamed this on a morning ride. Grab and drag the screen to look in whatever direction you like.


Watch it with a VR headset for the full experience.....but you will get nauseous.


I have also added a highlights video with a curated view. 360 cameras are the best!

360 video. click and drag to change the view or watch it in a VR headset.

Curated highlights of the above 360 video.