The DrawBot is an Arduino based large scale plotter on wheels. This was just a proof of concept to see how well it would work.


Features include:


  • Bluetooth enabled so commands can be sent to it remotely
  • 3D printed chassis
  • Omni-directional wheels
  • Suspension on all wheels
  • Arduino Uno with Adafruit motor shield


The suspension was needed to keep all 4 wheels firmly in contact with the ground because even the slightest uneven service caused slippage.


In the video it's powered by adaptor, but with a bit of effort to make it more power efficuent it could be completely stand-alone.


How it works:


  • Convert an image to vector with Inkscape
  • Convert the vector to CNC GCode with Inkscape
  • Use a bluetooth terminal application like CoolTerm to send the code to the Bot
  • sit back and watch it go