/a site of basic arduino experiments and other stuff

This site houses some basic arduino examples (and other stuff) to get you moving on your electronics projects.


Sample code, diagrams, and video overviews can be found through the navigation on your right to help you on your way.


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Virtual Reality IRL Robotics


VR Ballpit

360 LiveStream

Deepfake - Avatarify

IoT Robotics - IBM Watson IoT Platform

LED Internet Sign


Is your robot pointing up, down, or upside down? Heading forwards or backwards? Has it been dropped?!


Ping Sensor


Measure distance, detect objects, and give your robot a sense of what's around it.




Custom build parts and housings for your robot rapidly.


Hall Effect Sensor


Is that door open? Is the robot close to the charge point?

Robot 1

Robot 1

My first attempt at an autonomous robot. I've tricked it up with all of the above and Tron lights!

LED Internet Sign

LED Internet Sign

Send your messages directly to the LED sign in my office!